Seeking fanfiction translators !

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Hello there bilingual bronies !
Radio Brony needs your help !

Let me be more descriptive. As you may know, we're aiming to improve our schedule by adding more and more shows to our grid. Reading Night being one of the most anticipated broadcast, we'd like to get more fanfictions translated into french.

What can you do for us ?

Well, we're seeking translators to bring us more stories, since the French fandom isn't that large and the amount of french stories quite poor.

How can you join ?

First off, you'll have to prove your skills, to do so, translate the first chapter of this fanfiction into French:
And send us the result via email here.

Yes, translating is a long and exhausting work, that's why we're looking for dedication and motivation.

Radio Brony is aiming to read the most appreciated fanfictions first, here are a few ideas to start from if you're willing to help us:

Feeling like translatin' ? Then go on ! WE NEED YOU !

Radio Brony /)

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  1. bethorian

    That can be fun, lemme try that.
    Might be hard as my French is no definite par with my English =), but if there is an idea of cooperative translation at some point, that can be easier to have a nice smooth translation.


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